Thursday, September 19, 2013

BlackBerry Z30 Will First Hit The UK & The Middle East

BlackBerry With Its Biggest, Fastest & Long Lasting Battery Life Smartphone

With UK and the Middle East being the first regions to experience the BlackBerry Z30 is again, a clear indication how big their market is in these areas. The release is an answer as well to all those skeptics and those who are saying that BlackBerry is dead.

Probably a planned strategy,  releasing this new unit just days after Apple released their iPhone 5C and 5S. Which to me, seems like BlackBerry now wants a head to head fight huh. :)

This much sleeker than Z10 smartphone will have the version 10.2 OS. more fast and more efficient. Among the 6 prime features of Z30, aside from the 5" bigger display, a point 8 difference compared to that of Z10, what I look forward to experiencing soon is the Stereo Audio and BlackBerry Natural Sound & the New Antenna Technology.

By looking only at its color, Z30 is much better compared to that of 5C and even 5S. :) Just saying!

No exact location where in the Middle East they'll roll out this beautiful black horse though but I do hope it will be here in Dubai, UAE.

Source: Marketwired
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