Friday, September 20, 2013

I Told My Wife About Her

My Love Interest That I Can Only Have In My Dreams

When I came here in Dubai 6 years ago, I never thought that I'd see her. The first time I saw her was 5 months ago.  She was all in blue, shining and shimmering. She's just about a hundred meters away from me, but still I was not able to touch her nor feel her.

I took some snaps of her with my Z. She was there waiting for the the red, yellow and green lights of Al Satwa roundabout, and she's like telling me to come closer. But there was this strong voice from my subconscious telling me not to, reminding me that I am a family man, I have a wife and I've got 2 kids waiting for me at home. I continued to walk away from her and minutes later she moved and have gone out of my sight. 

Then just 2 days ago, my heart was beating faster after seeing her again, at the bus stop of the same 2nd of December Street where I first saw her. She's with her man. I couldn't help but take another snaps of her with my Z. My hands were shaking while clicking my phone. I was just a man, standing in front of her, thinking of asking her to love me. :) This time, she's all in yellow.

It really gives me pain, every time I see her, especially with her man. In a word, I am jealous. A kind of feeling that reminds me of Bruno Mars' heartbreaking song "When I Was Your Man".

But I have realized that I was never her man and I have finally conceded with the truth that there is no way I could have her. I gave up with resentment.

To get rid of all these guilt feelings I have, I told my wife all about her with a presumption of long quarrel and argument. But instead my wife told me that she totally understand my feeling. "It was nothing but normal" she said and that she knows I can only have her in my dreams.

The McLaren 12C Spider - she will forever remain in my dreams.

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