Saturday, September 28, 2013

BlackBerry Goes Private Soon - Possibilities Are Just Too Many

What Is Next After The Privatization Of BlackBerry?

The revenue is $1.6 billion and their loss is $965 million, this was the report released by BlackBerry through Marketwired during the Second Quarter Fiscal 2014 reports.

But as we already know prior to this report, the company has already given the go signal for Fairfax Financial to buy out BlackBerry which will then make it private.

As what I have observed from different articles in the blogosphere, many of them are still optimistic and are willing to wait and see a great turnaround after this development. So many possibilities await us.

It could be a pattern of what happened to Steve Jobs to Apple, he got fired by the company's board but then re-hired years later, but this is one of the possibilities that every BlackBerry loyalists/followers are seeing then as well.

Mike Lazaridis, founder of BlackBerry will come back and lead the team once again. On CrackBerry, it was briefly detailed who is Prem Watsa and why he's still optimistic with the company. Watsa, being the Chairman of Fairfax Financial, he is also once a Board Member of BlackBerry when Lazaridis is still in control of the company, and they are known as best of friends. And that Fairfax will have a lot to say now, for sure Lazaridis will join the company again and functions like what Jobs did long time back.

Being out of the company for me, is very advantageous. It is like you are out there somewhere, thinking and seeing out of the box, looking and observing your company's activities, seeing what are the faults, mistakes or the could have beens and taking into consideration of implementing those when you are again inside the box. Things like that.

With the firing of more than 4 thousand employees, it could be painful to those who were affected, but looking at the company's perspective, it is very helpful. When the time comes soon, and that BlackBerry will be back in shape, for sure, these laid off employees will be given priorities for the future employment.

What I see is that everything is being planned here. They already know their losses etcetera etcetera, they were still able to release the latest smartphone in the BlackBerry 10 series, the Z30.  A good sign that the company is here to stay and to fight back. Though BBM has been delayed further which was criticized by many, still this will come soon.

As a loyal BB user, my high hopes now, are the come back of Lazaridis and the coming of more earth-shaking innovations then.

L-R: Mike Lazaridis, Founder of BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) and Prem Watsa, Founder of Fairfax Financial
Images: l business

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