Thursday, December 5, 2013

BlackBerry Map In Arabic Is Now In English

Waiting For This Like For Ages

I have been waiting for this app to be corrected for like 48 years now. I know I am not the only one in this but at last, the free and pre-installed BlackBerry Map for Z10s in the UAE market or GCC wide is finally now in English.

As to why it took them this long to correct it, that I don't care now. Maps are just so important like how important to me my BBM, which makes life easier.

I have tried several blog visits, forums and googling to find a solution on how to change the language setting of this free BlackBerry map app, but to no avail. I have read and encountered quite a significant number of dismayed Z10 users too in the UAE who were experiencing the same problem of mine.

But I hope, those guys too will find this latest development a "better late than never" kind of thing.

This basically one of the good great things brought to us by the BlackBerry OS update.


BlackBerry OS Update On Z10

For A Faster And Easier Z10 Experience

I felt wow when I saw a notification about the BlackBerry OS update. Since doing the update at workplace is impossible (wifi not allowed), I've waited 6 hours for me to do it at home.

A good update I must say and an implication in a way, that BlackBerry's on its shape STILL despite all the going-ons at the company's HQ, from new CEO to new execs etcetera etcetera.

There were significant changes and added features already that's been observed since the latest update last October prior to this one like the prompt message after taking a snapshot, the small overlay-like notification you'll see on your screen no matter where or what application you are basically using, priority hub among others. Just three of the good things until this OS came.

In less than 15 minutes, my old OS was updated to the latest one.

Although this update has been implemented in different regions already days and weeks back but just recently I got this here in the UAE.

No release notes came along with the update (shame) but will have to find it out later whether BlackBerry has given us more great things with this OS update.

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