Friday, February 14, 2014

Dubai Architecture: Etisalat & Dubai Metro

Etisalat & Dubai Metro Station

The Etisalat and Dubai Metro cocoon-like station are just 2 of the so many eye-catching architectural beauties you can see in this mega city.

This was taken days back using my Z10, from a gasoline station nearby Trade Centre Roundabout along Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Left: One of the boat sail designed Etisalat buildings that can be found in almost all of UAE's 6 emirates. Right: Dubai Metro's cocoon like station.

Did you know:

a. that Etisalat means "Communications" in Arabic? A 1976 founded UAE company which is now ranked as the 15th largest mobile network operator in the world.

b. that Dubai Metro is the world's longest fully automated metro network spanning at 75 kilometers as declared by the Guinness World Records?



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