Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 Christmas & New Year's Eve In Dubai

Christmas Eve

For 6 years straight now, my wife and I celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve away from home. But fortunate and blessed to have my own family with me, complete.

On Christmas Eve, we're so happy to celebrate it with a friend and his family. Inside their home, we were able to feel the essence of Christmas. Food, drinks, karaoke and the important one, exchange of gifts.

But before all these, I studied the normal movement all around Dubai. It was as if, nothing's going to happen. Though everybody were on a rush, which is an everyday happening to every metropolitan city like Dubai, I am quite sure that they're busy on something else not because it was Christmas.

This video clip with my Z10 will simply give you the feeling of how lonesome Christmas is if you are in Dubai, away from home and family.

2013 Christmas Eve in Dubai from Fil Lamberang on Vimeo.

New Year's Eve

Then comes the much anticipated Dubai New Year's Eve. The Dubai government spent millions of dirhams letting the public know of their attempt to break a world record fireworks display with their different ads everywhere. An attempt which was successfully achieved.

Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic everywhere nearby Burj Khalifa hours before 12 midnight, I and my family joined the other hundreds if not thousands of spectators several kilometers away from the supposed to be best viewing places. If not for the traffic, we would have been there at the 50th floor of our friend's pad, with a terrace that could give us that perfect view of Burj Khalifa.

But still, we were once again amazed by the presentation which was captured using my Z.

2013 New Year's Eve in Dubai - Burj Khalifa Fireworks Display from Fil Lamberang on Vimeo.

Thanks to BlackBerry's reliable Z10, I now have small keeps that I can treasure when that time comes, being settled in my home country the Philippines. Which for sure then, Christmas and New Year's Eve will be different yet amazing once again.
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