Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After The BlackBerry 10 OS Version 10.2.1 Upgrade

Everything's Great So Far Except...

When I updated my Facebook, after updating my OS to the latest one, I am now having a problem accessing my account from the hub. If I tap a particular notification, it will just give me that dim screen but it won't bring me to the FB page anymore. So every time I receive an FB notification, I access it by tapping the FB icon, which takes longer compared to accessing it through hub. I hope this will soon get a fix.

Also, I noticed that my battery now gets grained so fast unlike before the upgrade. Perhaps the enhanced power monitoring feature which was added, is the culprit of this. :)

Seriously, I like how BlackBerry materialized this simple yet useful enhancement. By just swiping your thumb from bottom to middle, the battery icon will automatically change into numeric display which shows the remaining percentage of your power.

The number of added features in the quick settings menu are great too. The Mobile Network where I usually access when I get home, to temporarily put my mobile connection off to avoid lag gin  and change to wifi; is now a click to do it. And the incorporation of the torch/flashlight is cool. Which is one of the few phone features that I always want to have since I started using cellphones back in my Nokia days and until now. Torch is just very very useful for me.

Another significant enhancement that is worth noting for is the volume display. Before, it always irked me to see the volume display in the middle of a video I am viewing. But now, it's strategically reassigned at the top most of the screen which will no longer disturb me viewing videos when adjusting and clicking the volume keys on the side.

The incoming call screen is also okay but when I first saw it, it was like an iOS thing to see. Maybe because of that round tap icon in the middle.

To sum it all, the latest BlackBerry 10 OS Version 10.2.1 is great. Wait, did I tell you about how fast I transferred all the above pix from my Z10 to my Mac? It was really fast that I never experienced before the upgrade. :)



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