Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still A Long Way For BlackBerry But Is Getting There Again

Introductions And Launches Of New Products

The below releases from Marketwired from the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, is self explanatory. BlackBerry is telling the world that they're in a stage now where "revving up" is the always the phrase of the day.

It was not long ago when John Chen assumed the responsibility as CEO of BlackBerry and look what he has done so far. Chen will likely to receive praises soon; from BlackBerry stockholders to even the naysayers then, because of all these good things he's done to this company.

Two of the world's biggest companies, Daimler AG and Airbus Group adopting the BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES 10) is sending out a big message to everybody, how reliable this Canadian company is, talking about security for one.

The very strategic approach of Chen, like giving more attention to markets like Indonesia, where they are a big hit, will surely bring BlackBerry to where it should be.

BlackBerry will get there soon, again.

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