Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waze - The Best Navigation App There Is

An All In One App

The only navigation app I think, which is really giving accurate traffic infos. And not just that, waze is everything.

Founded in 2008 by 3 Israelis, the app gradually reached popularity and success. Facebook and other big companies in the industry were trying to reach an agreement to buy the app but didn't materialize. Not until last year when Google bought it for $966M.

With the purchase, the app has now become even more useful and accurate with its community-mapping services. Aside from its own database, all users can also contribute information while on the road which basically help make the app up-to-date.

In UAE or in a small city like Dubai in particular, navigation app like this is very much needed especially that Dubai is known for its "everyday-changing-roads" habit. (all for the best roads of course).

With its twitter-like cool blue color, navigating this navigation app is way cooler. Easy to use. Just type your destination and in seconds, the turn-by-turn voice navigation will start to guide you on your journey. It even gives you the best, fast and shortest way possible there is.

The app also functions as "best-buddy" to all fast car drivers out there who are always cashing out to pay traffic fines for overspeeding and other sorts. It warns the users for an installed radar ahead. For long journeys and you ran out of fuel, the app will also give you choices of petrol prices.

It's actually more than an app, waze is a community of road users working for an everyday comfortable and hassle free journey.

And it's free! Tell your mom, pop, grannies and even your friend cabbie, to grab their BlackBerry 10 smartphones and download it now. Available to all other smartphone OSs too.

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