Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BBM Update: Makes It Faster, Way Better Than Its Competitor


Increased of 16MB file transfer size can be a stand alone additional feature of this recent BBM update version First time in sharing videos, images and other files to other smartphones or PCs this fast and easy.

With BlackBerry's effort to keep its loyal customers and to win back formers, this blogger thinks they are indeed on the right track in achieving it.

Another added feature brought to us with the update is the more sticker options at BBM shop. A bit disappointment though, because these stickers aren't free. But on the other side of it, this puts a smile to all developers' faces out there. They can at least get something in return for all their efforts in creating something for good, not just to BlackBerry users but to all the BBM community.

To mention a few, WhatsApp's added Russian language and the "many bug fixes" simply prove that quality messenger is BBM's game. If you notice the number of reviews, BBM already got half of WhatsApp's reviews after 7 days since its release. WhatsApp update was released 12th of March.

Noticed about that "Many bug fixes" line from WhatsApp? Well that's a bit of a shame.

Go ahead, open your BlackBerry world now and update your BBM to version For other smartphone users, go to your app store.


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