Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BlackBerry Is Out Of The Picture On This Year's T3 Awards

BlackBerry's Not On The List

It is but unfortunate to learn that not a single phone from BlackBerry was nominated, so far. Though there's a chance for them to be included in the list of the Phone Of The Year category, if the millions of BlackBerry loyalists out there will select any phone in the wild card slot.

Last year, Z10 was among the nominees which was won by HTC One. To see the complete list of last year's winners, go to

Compared to last year's 19 categories, this year only has 15 categories, but still the excitement remains especially for the Tech Personality of the Year category. Seeing celebrities in this category is simply amazing. This simply shows technology is everything and is for everybody. I voted for by the way, and not for Ashton Kutcher though I have my same respect to the two for their serious contributions towards technology.

To those who haven't cast their votes yet, do it now by clicking the creative below. You still have 49 days to do it as of this posting. Don't forget, BlackBerry can still be nominated by entering of the phones in the wild card slot.

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