Saturday, June 14, 2014

Playing Tennis With Anna Kournikova Among Others Is Such An Opportunity

Thanks To Stick Sports App

She may have retired but playing against her on my BlackBerry Z10 is like as if she's still active in WTA and ITF. LOL! Bragging aside, I defeated her. I am not a professional tennis player and I am not a good tennis player at all but boom, I dominated the game.

Seriously, while all of my friends are busy finding time to post their sentiments and jubilation of the results of the ongoing NBA Finals and World Cup in Brazil, here I am, sticking my face on my mobile.

I'd say, one of the few best game apps I've downloaded on my Z10, this one is super entertaining and is so "very easy to play, but very hard to master" as they claim, which I also agree. Playing this game by just one-finger swipe has never been this cool.

Clay court, one of the hardest courts but manages to defeat the former World number 1 Carlos Moya.
They did their best but their best wasn't good enough. :) 
The app is free and is available for download on BlackBerry App World, Google Play, App Store and Amazon. Best shared to friends and family.

To rate Stick Tennis, 1 out of 10, this app deserves a solid 10. Cheers to for this cool game app.

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