Thursday, July 3, 2014

BlackBerry Bounces Back And Its New Fact Check Portal

John Chen's Leadership Now Showing Results

It is now very clear that BlackBerry will stay as opposed to what many believed that the company is already dead. The thing is, a significant number of loyal followers all over the world remain. Coupled with BB's new strategy, services, and priorities under John Chen's pivotal leadership, fruits are now starting to appear.

Just recently, CNN reported positive news about the company's return in the market with their stocks that are up.

And it seems that BlackBerry is now gradually setting their guns, aiming to counter all bias and baseless information all over the industry.

With that, they've setup a new BlackBerry Fact Check Portal. A very well-thought-out marketing strategy with #BBFactCheck hashtag. This is a very strong message to all naysayers.

Below are just few of the long list of praises from the BB community on about the new portal.

Mr. Chen's tenure is not even 1 year yet, but BlackBerry is obviously bouncing back now.

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