Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The BlackBerry Z10 Camera

Sort Of Review

Hundreds of my BlackBerry Z10 snaps were already transferred and filed in one of my hard drives for future use. (Don't know yet what to do with those pix). Another batch will be transferred soon. That is how easy to create a massive file of pictures with Z10.

But what surprised me just recently, is its video camera. I've been using my Z for over a year now but little did I know, its video cam is as reliable like that of a professional cam. With just rubber bands and Manfrotto tripod (DSLR's), I was able to create 2 videos which are now being posted on my YouTube account. (Please like it then and be my first subscriber haha).

See this first video, while unboxing of the latest Asus product, Zenfone 5 which is part of my full review post.

The second one is another unboxing of the latest released headset, Jabra Storm which again, part of my other full review post.

The Z10 camera may not have that HD quality but the video results are great enough for an 8 megapixel cam of a smartphone. Easy to use camera and easy to transfer video files.

I'd be a hypocrite if I'll say, I'd be using this camera as always, but one thing for sure, I won't stop using this unless the phone gives up. But that would happen many years to come, probably. :)

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