Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BlackBerry Passport With JC The Hater

Done Hibernating

It's been two months now since I last posted here. What a shame I'd admit. But here I am again, with high hopes and dreams after the so many good things that have happened to BlackBerry.

Let's go fast forward.

The once struggling company is now struggling no more. A'right?! Kudos to John Chen for proving all the skeptics wrong and Kudos to BB for bringing Passport to us because haters like JC The Hater, has resurrected with his epic hate YouTube vlog. He's the same lad who made us laugh with his previous BB hate videos. And I hate to say this, (I'm serious with this hate now) that I missed to meet JC when he visited Dubai. D*mn!

The Passport

The first time I got hold of the Passport was last Gitex, that was October at the Dubai World Trade Centre. After months of contemplating about getting it, I have finally decided to get it, very very soon. And JC is among those factors why I have decided on getting passport. But this doesn't meant I'm dumping my Z10 just yet. Even my Bold is still very active.

BlackBerry Passport is irresistible. I love its size, looks and feel. And all the features JC has mentioned in the below video.

Please give the 5-minute video a little of your precious time. Who knows, you'd be delighted too to get one.

Will be making my own passport feedback too, soon. Thanks to JC!
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