Friday, April 17, 2015

Best Instagram Experience With iGrann by Adrian Sacchi On BlackBerry Passport

iGrann Review

I felt remorseful that it took me to buy a BlackBerry Passport before I started using the most popular Instagram client in BlackBerry World, the iGrann by Adrian Sacchi. I have been using Z10 without using IG as I was hopeful for the real Instagram to arrive in BlackBerry. Unfortunately it did not happen. Even if there's a lot of ways to download the original IG to BlackBerry, I still just let my Z10 pass.

When my Passport came, I can no longer ignore the overwhelming popularity of IG so I side-downloaded it and started using my long been created Instagram account that has been idle since then.

But I have encountered a lot of hiccups with it and it pains me to do the downloading process again and again. That was the time I decided to download iGrann by Adrian Sacchi.

The following are just some of the best things that I like with iGrann, aside that it has a free account option:

  • it is the only client for Instagram with the "Built for BlackBerry" designation, so that gives utmost security
  • it has that minimalist layout which I like most
  • it has the ability to adjust and optimize its features for different screen sizes of BlackBerry phones
Perfect UI and great resolution
The profile layout looks very clean
and looks neat too
Just recently, I've updated it to the latest version: with 5.5 MB size. It carries more additional features, enhancements and developments like the option to hide comments when scrolling or viewing the feed using the modern feed design.

For Pro Premium accounts, there's Hub Integration and Headless Notifications for more convenience.

See some of the new features from the release notes:

  • Direct Messaging to any IG users and receive DMs from any IG users too
  • DM can be done directly from phone Pictures application without even opening iGrann
  • you can no follow users you like
  • you can now zoom in and out photos on iGrann by just pinching
  • it now has news and help section in the most discrete position
  • bugs fixed and you can now type long comments
  • it now supports @names that has period or full stop

But the most outstanding additional feature that has been included in the latest iGrann by Adrian Sacchi version, is the Multiple Instagram Accounts feature. You can now have multiple accounts and is very "easy to switch in between."

The latest iGrann Version:
Long press the pic and cool features appear from the side
Whether you are having a passport, Z10, Z30 or any other OS 10 BlackBerry phones, I suggest you to get that best Instagram experience with iGrann by Adrian Sacchi.

And am giving this best mobile app 9.5 stars out of 10.

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