Sunday, May 10, 2015

BlackBerry Passport Photos On Instagram Series #1

10 BlackBerry Passport Photos On Instagram - Series #1

I thought of starting another series of photos I randomly took using BlackBerry Passport. This is somewhat similar to the previous series I had here on InTheEyesOfBlackBerry, it's just that every series will now have 10 photos per post and that these photos first appeared on Instagram. Also, no more Did You Know portion, instead, just infos on where and when 

Pic 1 - Crooked canopy or ceiling taken in Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa.
We are all but in different shapes and views
Pic 2 - Box Art and kiddos taken in Al Ghurair Centre's Street Art Connection event.
My future artists
Pic 3 - My partner when my wife's not around, Passport keeping me company. Taken inside my car, in Dubai International Financial Centre.
There are really times you need to wait for your busy wife a little longer but thanks to Passport
Pic 4 - Real-like incandescent bulbs of Farfasha Juices, taken in Wafi Mall during the #TasteOfWafi launching in Dubai.
Creativity and ingenuity are the key to successful business
Pic 5 - Customized Skateboards display during the Al Ghurair Centre's Street Art Connection.
Just one of the many street art exhibits of the successful yearly event
 Pic 6 - High and Dry. Taken inside Dubai's Zabeel Park.
This picture simply reminds us that there is always sunshine after the rain
Pic 7 - Architecture. This was taken in one of Dubai Design District's aesthetically designed buildings.
Looking forward to next Meet D3 event
Pic 8 - Wafi Mall's hidden gem, the Khan Murjan. Taken inside the tricky location of the mall.
Perfect place to find genuine Arabic and Emirati artifacts, perfumes, food etc
Pic 9 - Chicken Liver appetizer. Taken in Wafi Mall's Khan Murjan Restaurant.
Never been this happy to see this richly-flavored Chicken Liver appetizer
Pic 10 - The Spidey overpass. Taken in Dubai World Trade Center's overpass.
This is just one of the architectural marvels you can see in Dubai
To see all of these on Instagram, check out my open account Santiago Filman and do follow.

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